Smart whip cream charger (New silver design )


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Smart whip cream charger   | smartwhip for sale | smartwhip UK | smart whip canister

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Smart Whip Cream Charger (New Silver Design)

A set of six individual of the sleek new style 580g Smartwhip Silver Aluminium Cylinders with Nozzles

It has 580 grams of food-grade pure nitrogen oxide in each siphon, Smartwhip allows you to charge one siphon and then another in rapid in rapid succession.

It is made entirely of aluminium Smartwhip Silver is lightweight and elegant, making it more convenient to use in the kitchen, whether at home or in a professional setting and bar.

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High-quality N2O

  • Enhances efficiency of workflow
  • Handy, durable lightweight design
  • The biggest cream charger with more possibilities: With 580 grams of pure nitrous oxide contained in a single cylinder you’ll not waste any moment recharging.
  • Efficiency through the design: Allowing the user to use many siphons from the same cylinder. Smartwhip increases productivity and efficiency, while at the same time reducing gas waste.
  • Quality guaranteed: Manufactured in Italy, our product is purity tested and conforms to all European laws and regulations. The Smartwhip product is tested to ensure purity as well as pressure up to around 165 bars. In this way, we are able to assure the highest quality of nitrogen oxide you can get.
  • First safety:Having had a pressure test at 165 bars, Smartwhip is safe to transport and use in the kitchen or behind the bar with confidence.
  • Strong, durable and light:The aluminum casing of the Smartwhip Silver cylinder is light in weight, very sturdy and withstands stress which makes it safe for utilize in a busy and hectic working environment.


  • The Casing100 100 percent aluminium, anti-corrosion and rust resistance.
  • The filling is100 percent food-safe Nitrous oxide (E942), smart whip cream charger

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6 Pieces, 12 Pieces, 24 Pieces, 48 Pieces, 1 Pallet


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